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  • Are Newcastle United Fans the Best in the World?

    It’s an accolade that every set of football supporters wants to achieve – to be known as the ‘best fans’ in the world. Obviously something subjective and impossible to truly measure but something that still is worth debating.


    Newcastle United fans are often described as the best in the world. Perhaps we hear this more often than most as we are based in Newcastle, but this opinion isn’t always exclusively held in Tyneside. Of course, rival football fans would never like to admit that another set of supporters are more loyal, more passionate and more obsessed in following their respective team – but we have seen plenty of supporters from around the United Kingdom (and in other places in the world) comment on how dedicated the Toon Army. One exception to this is of course Sunderland, whose fans would never in a million years admit such a thing.


    Best Football Stadium in England

    Newcastle’s stadium, once a fortress


    So where does this opinion come from? Well, it’s easy to support a team when they are flying high. Investment by billionaires into teams such as Chelsea and Manchester City in recent years has seen the fan bases of these teams increase dramatically, both within England and overseas.


    But are these new recruits genuine fans? Or glory supporters? The jury is still out on this one.


    Yes, Newcastle may have a billionaire owner as well, but their situation is hardly comparable to that of City and Chelsea. Newcastle fans have had a to endure years of being a selling club, seemingly there to find talented players on the cheap, develop them into world class individuals before shipping them off to one of the big teams – for a tidy profit of course. More often than not, the money brought in from such transfer deals was never put back in the club kitty and as a result, the team was underfunded and underachieving.



    Despite this, Newcastle fans continue to turn up at St James’ Park week in week out, whatever the weather to see their team play. They also boast one of the best group of fans who will always make it to away fixtures, no-matter the distance. Often you can hear the travelling Toon Army supporters chanting louder than the home fans, despite being severely outnumbered.


    It has been a tough time for Newcastle fans since the Kevin Keegan and Bobby Robson years but the support and love for the team has remained at an impressively high level.


    For that reason, it is easy to see why Newcastle fans are often regarded as the best in the world – and who are we to argue!